Rik Fox
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    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Four sets from 030-090 to 050-115

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    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Medium Scale / Two sets from 041-100 to 045-105

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  • Rik Fox

    Rock / Heavy Metal
    M3045 Bass Boomers, 3040 Medium Scale Bass Boomers

    Arriving out of the legendary Max’s Kansas City and C.B.G.B.’s New York and then, New Jersey clubs rock scene in the mid and late 1970’s RIK FOX arrived in Los Angeles just in time to ride the crest of the wave that would become the legendary Los Angeles rock scene in 1982, recording with and creating the band name for, what became W.A.S.P. Shortly thereafter, RIK joined one of the most legendary of metal rock’s pioneering bands of the Los Angeles rock scene, STEELER, (featuring a young Yngwie Malmsteen) and recorded what became known as the highest-selling independently-released metal album of all time, which continues to sell to today’s metal fans.

    RIK FOX pushed on to form several versions of his own band, the legendary SIN, performing to packed, sell-out venues, and recording album master demos for what would become their debut album, until management and chemistry issues dissolved all his work. RIK then joined Niji-Managed BURN, and then left to record and perform with the legendary Arizona metal band SURGICAL STEEL, enjoying recording a track with DOKKEN’S MICK BROWN in the process. After financial backing for the recording project fell thru, RIK FOX returned to Los Angeles to create his band THUNDERBALL and began making new thunderous progress until the Seattle grunge scene overtook the ‘arena-rock’ style bands of the late 1980’s, and THUNDERBALL along with it.

    During his tenure which enjoys his resurgence to this day, back to the rock scene, RIK FOX has performed and / or jammed live with some of rock’s biggest legends; Ronnie James Dio, Sam Kinison, Randy Hansen, Ozzy Osbourne drummer Randy Castillo, ‘Mighty Max’ Weinberg, and ‘Little Steven’ Van Zant, KISS’ Mark St. John, producer Jean Beauvoir, to Whitesnake and Foreigner drummer Brian Tichy and Guns n Roses’ Gilby Clark.

    June of 2013 saw RIK FOX reuniting with his STEELER bandmate Ron Keel at the legendary Whisky a Go-Go club performing two STEELER songs together for the first time in thirty years to a screaming, packed house, proving, that RIK FOX’s popularity is now stronger than ever.

    Among several other books, RIK FOX has also been a sought-after interview subject for his valuable memories of early KISS in the N.Y. Times’ best-seller ‘KISS; Nothing to Lose’ and his valuable input for the book ‘W.A.S.P.; A Sting in the Tale.’

    Through all of his promising career moves RIK FOX has endorsed GHS Strings, Randall Amplifiers, Ampeg Amplifiers, B.C. Rich Basses, Epiphone Basses, ARIA Pro-II Basses, Ibanez and Gibson Basses, Nady Wireless Systems, Dunlop Picks and Hohner Blues Harps.

    January of 2013 saw a long-awaited RIK FOX returning to the rock scene, and with it, more All-Star jams, a new artist endorsement with Rock-n-Roll GangStar Apparel and, re-signing a new endorsement deal with GHS Strings because he feels that: ‘If you want to sound the BEST, you have to use the BEST and GHS ARE the BEST overall rock and roll bass strings to create the thunder I bring to the stage and in recording and I will continue to use the BEST – GHS Bass Strings!’ Look for RIK FOX coming soon, to a stage near YOU!