Brandino - Kevin Brandon
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    Roundwound Nickel-Plated Steel / 14 sets from 008-038 to 013-056

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    Roundwound Stainless Steel / Three sets from 008-038 to 010-046

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    Electric Guitar / Producer
    GBM, GBH Guitar Boomers, ST-L Super Steels

    Kevin was born in Compton, California to loving parents, and into a talented family who were from richly musical cities of Chicago , Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana. From birth he has congenital club feet and a hip displacement , but he did not allow this condition to deter him from pursuing his passion for music and the zest for life. Meeting Louis Armstrong at one of his concerts was also an inspiration in his early years...

    Kevin was self-taught at the tender age of 4, playing his sister's piano and at age 7 he took up his brother's saxophone, as he was gifted and enjoyed playing several instruments.hen he was 9 his father suggested that he find a dedicated instrument of his own to play. Kevin wanted to play drums, however, his father thought with his handicap, eventually he would become discouraged.His older brother had a band and persuaded him to play electric bass because it was needed. Christmas of that year, Kevin received his first bass, a St George bass obtained from a swap meet. His brother taught him the basic technique and playing position, and the Kevin took it from there.

    He listened to various musical styles from Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Big Band swing, Classical, Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Rock. During that time there were no stereo systems, stereo sound, or digital technology as we know it today. There were only records players and vinyl records. Many bass notes were difficult to hear, so Kevin put his ear over the record player as it played, to hear the bass notes for the songs he would play in his brothers band.

    At 13 years of age he began his formal musical training on the flute with Milton Hall from Watts,CA. Acoustic bass began during this time with Mr Hamilton also from Watts as well, which he continued through High School. At Pius the Tenth High School, Kevin learn to read music on both instruments respectively. The flute in treble clef and the bass in bass clef. He studied harmony, 20th century western music, counterpoint, and took other music courses as well.In addition, he performed with the prestigious all-city Pico Rivera Stage Band, yielding him the experience, and understanding of the bass player's role in a big band. This band won numerous awards, and the Hollywood Bowl Competitions for 3 consecutive years. In this same band, Kevin received the Jazz Soloist Award at the Orange Coast College Jazz Band Competitions.

    After graduating from Pius the Tenth High School, Kevin earned a full scholarship to the University of Southern California; however, his love for jazz prompted him to forego the USC Scholarship. Instead he opted to attend Cerritos and Long Beach Colleges, known for their jazz programs.

    Soon after, his desire to play professionally, and an opportunity to work with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, relocated Kevin to New York City. After his stint with Tommy Dorsey, he returned to Los Angeles, and also returned to his previous classical acoustic bass training, studying under renowned bassist's: David Borkenhagen, Nathaniel Gangursky, Ami Porat, and was a protege of Barry Lieberman from the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. While working in the Bellflower Symphony Orchestra, Kevin finished his education at the University of Long Beach.

    As his career escalated, Kevin has become a premier bassist /producer on the music  scene. Today, he has found great success working with many of the world's top recording artists, entertainers, musicians, and is involved in a myriad of events within the music, entertainment, television, multimedia, web designing and film industries. In 2007 he was awarded by the National Association of Recording Arts and Science Double Grammys for his musicianship and participation on the 2007 Grammy Nominated " Album of the Year " and "Best Pop Vocal Album " Justin Timberlake "FutureSex/LoveSounds," 2006 Best R&B Album of the Year "Breakthrough" by Mary J Blige, 2005 Beyonce and Stevie Wonder "So Amazing" single and the 2004 Grammy Album Of The Year, Best Rap Album, "OUTKAST."