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    Bob Margolin is a Blues guitarist and singer. He tours worldwide today as a bandleader or guest with both legendary and contemporary musicians. Bob played guitar in Muddy Waters’ band from 1973-’80. He delivers exciting Blues guitar and an entertaining, friendly stage presence.

    In 2013, Bob was nominated for The Blues Foundation’s Blues Music Award for Traditional Male Blues Artist. He has won Blues Music Awards for guitar in 2008 and 2005.

    Bob is a founding partner in The VizzTone Label Group, on the Board of Directors of The Pinetop Perkins Foundation, leads workshops worldwide in Blues Guitar. He received the 2013 Keeping the Blues Alive Award for Journalism, appreciating his 20 years writing for Blues Revue. In 2011, his eBook Steady Rollin’ was published.

    Bob’s 2012-released CDs are:

    - Blues Around The World with the Mike Sponza Band
    - Not Alone, collaborating with the late Ann Rabson, WINNER of the 2013 Blues Music Award for Acoustic Album.

    In today’s Blues scene, Bob Margolin is carrying on the tradition with a full schedule of tours, festivals, concerts, and club appearances. For more details and depth, please visit the other links on


    Concerning GHS strings, I have been using them on all my guitars since the 1970's. I used to buy strings for Muddy Waters when I was in his band. He asked me to buy Gibson Medium gauge strings for his Telecaster: .056, .044, .032, .022 plain. .016, .012. I started to use the same gauge on my '56 Stratocaster myself, but soon bought GHS Boomers, individually because they did not have a set with exactly those gauges. They worked well for me and lasted a long time. About 20 years ago, my friend guitar Wizard Tom Principato suggested I try GHS Super Steels, saying they sounded like guitar strings used to in the 1960s and early 1970s, when Tom and I were starting to play a lot of Blues. I have been using the Super Steels ever since, love thier sound and feel, just varying from Muddy's gauges by using a slightly lighter .20 G string. They stay in tune on my '51 Telecaster, and I they last so long that I just have to guess when when one might break after a few months of dependable, trouble-free gigs. I try to change my strings the day before one will break. ;-) I love them and recommend GHS Super Steels to anyone who wants great-sounding trouble free guitar strings.