Buncombe Turnpike
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    Stainless Steel / Two sets light and medium light

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    Copper-Tin-Phosphor Alloy / Hex Core / Six sets from 010-046 to 014-058

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  • Buncombe Turnpike

    Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin
    PF135 J.D. Crowe Signature Series, TM335 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic, A270 Phosphor Bronze Mandolin

    Lead singer and bass player Tom Godleski along with former banjo player Tim Adams, began Buncombe Turnpike in the fall of 1997. Buncombe Turnpike plays a variety of heartfelt and hand crafted originals. Joe Trimbach on mandolin has a long career in bluegrass music across the U.S. Joe is also the band's vocal arranger. Seth Rinehart on banjo keeps things rolling energetically, while John Duncan on fiddle highlights the band's abilities to have creative dynamics. Songs, written primarily by Tom and guitarist, Evan Swink, are true combinations of all 5 band members' talents. With their crowd pleasing demeanor, seasoned musicianship, and powerful vocals, the band has made a name for themselves among traditional and contemporary listeners alike.