Ulrich Ellison
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    Rollerwound Pure Nickel / Slightly Flattened By Metal Rollers / Ten sets from 008-038 to 013-056

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  • Ulrich Ellison

    Electric Guitar
    Blues / Rock / Celtic / World
    Custom Nickel Rockers

    When talking about Texas guitarists, Ulrich Ellison has done his best to be included in these conversations.

    Classically trained with two Master degrees in Music, he sets out to a daring journey between tradition and innovation. Ellison was selected for a Fulbright scholarship and moved to Austin TX in 2007. That's where he turned heads after winning 3 international Downbeat student awards in the years 2008-10, category Blues/Rock. Since then, he has released 3 albums and his band quickly advanced from being a local favourite to a nationally touring act, all in DIY style. Ellison's musical influences are very diverse, but there is a constant: his love for the electric guitar and for the blues.

    “Many of my songs have a blues backbone, even though people have compared my music to artists as diverse as Dave Matthews Band, Sting or Porcupine Tree. I couldn't do without the blues.” Voted “#8 Best New Band” and "#2 Best Instrumental" at the 2012 Austin Music Awards, his band "The Tribe" is touring the US and Europe all year long, supported by a growing fanbase of "Tribe" members.

    Ulrich Ellison loves GHS Nickel Rockers and prefers them in the gauges of the David Gilmour set for Stratocaster.