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    With so many miles behind and so many miles left to travel, Sturgis, SD, native, Jasmine Cain, has paved a way for female rockers in the motorcycle culture. Current JPF Female Artist of the Year and Nashville's Music City Mayhem (MCMA) two-time Female Rock Vocalist, she has set the standard and raised the bar. Living her life through her songs and gypsy spirit like a modern day Janis Joplin, she is a ghost on the road sitting next to you as you take your own musical journey.

    With four self-released albums ("The Inside" 2004, "Locks & Keys" 2008, "Highway Prophet" 2011, "Modern Day Gypsy" 2012) and a newly released music video for her title track single, "Highway Prophet," Jasmine Cain has sold over 30,000 albums, and gained 30,000 views in her first music video alone. She holds 8 JPF awards--the most awards ever to be awarded to any one artist from the JPF Association. Her performances are stadium-quality rock shows to audiences of 1,000-5,000 on average.

    Nominated for a record breaking 7 MCMA Awards in April 2013, Jasmine Cain is poised to take over. There is no slowing down for this rock & roll freight train! Jasmine is the current and 3 time consecutive MCMA Female Rock Vocalist of the Year. Her other MCMA awards include Rock Song of the Year 2013 "Nightingale" and Music Video of the Year 2013 "Highway Prophet".

    Jasmine Cain encompasses what a true artist is meant to be, taking the reins as the songwriter, lead vocalist, and bassist for her band of rebel rockers. Her songs are emotional, raw, and timeless. Her voice is a mixture of strong, aggressive, soul-filled attitude, while allowing you to feel a slight vulnerability that takes you on an emotional, super-charged ride. You can hear your own life story in every raspy note.

    Her natural ability to capture and hold the attention of her audience has earned her several nationally known tours as the headliner for Easyriders Bike Show & Rodeo Tour for 3 consecutive years, main act for 7 years at the Full Throttle Saloon (which has now become a TruTV series), and the official touring band for Broken Spoke Saloons nationwide.

    "Jasmine Cain is an old school rocker in a modern day package! Her band is loaded with great players, great songs, explosive energy and a bass playing, drop dead gorgeous lead singer who writes, records and rocks the mic on award winning singles and heavy weight albums at every turn. This gal is bursting at the seams of the indie world ready for the biggest stages around!" -Brian Austin Whitney, Founder Just Plain Folks Music Organization (JPF)

    "Jasmine Cain is THE REAL DEAL! Few new artists come to mind who encompass the essence of rock n roll. Jasmine 's songs are filled with emotion as well as detail, putting you in the driver's seat as she takes you on a musical ride of imagery and diversity. With an unrepentant spirit, Jasmine Cain is ready for lift-off. Lucky for us, the lift-off is NOW!-Mac, 97.1 RQQ- Nashville's Rock Station, Music Director/Afternoon Radio Personality

    "In the twenty years that I have bee promoting events, the longest lines I have ever seen at a band's merch booth is at Jasmine Cain's booth. They leave the audience wanting more and that's how I measure the success of a band" says John Green, Promoter for Easyrider Events.