Honey Jazz

Unlike other Innovation Strings, the Innovation Honey Jazz uses a solid core with a chrome steel winding. This maintains the gut-like vibe of the other Innovation sets but with a string tension and feel more akin to steel core strings.

Very responsive under a bow, the Honey Jazz strings have a slightly darker tone than comparable steel core strings. They are also known to have a great "jazz" pizz attack, that will growl a little bit when you dig in. Those looking for an "old school" jazz tone with easy access to arco need to look no further than our Honey Jazz.

PLEASE NOTE: All Innovation Double Bass strings are currently made to order. Expect up to a 10-12 business day lead time for us to wind the strings and ship them out.

90140H Honey Jazz - Standard Set
90140HLC Honey Jazz - Standard Set with E/C Extension
9014HCH Honey Jazz - High C
9014GH Honey Jazz - G String
9014DH Honey Jazz - D String
9014AH Honey Jazz - A String
9014EH Honey Jazz - E String
9014LBH Honey Jazz - Low B
9014XEH Honey Jazz - E/C Extension