Innovation Psychobilly Double Bass Strings are designed specifically for Psychobilly players; they're basically similar to the popular SilverSlaps and GoldenSlaps. However, they have a bigger diameter and a little more tension, which is better suited to someone actually playing the psychobilly style; with the higher speed and aggressiveness, a bit more tension is needed. (For "straight rockabilly," the slap is more of a passing accent - and the GoldenSlaps or SilverSlaps might be a better choice.) For a "stiffer" feel -- with a thinner diameter -- at a similar tension, the Rockabilly strings might be a good option.

The Psychobillies are thicker-gauged strings with low tension and a clear outer winding, and they have a big fat sound with good sustain. The tone, when used for Psycho-slap, is very aggressive. These are strings that want to be heard! They play similar to the other Innovation (and most other nylon/synthetic wrapped) strings. The outer winding is softer than metal, so they shouldn't be too abrasive on your fingers, and they're easy enough to get a grip on - even with sweaty fingers. They're actually quite useful for "straight pizz" tones as well. Some players have even suggested that - with their easy pizz play and bigger sound - these strings would be nicely suited for jump swing and blues, where getting a decent volume is an issue.

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