Innovation Ultra Black Double Bass Strings are named for their distinctive "Ultra Black" colored outer winding, and work well for a player seeking a fuller, darker-sounding string for traditional jazz and other styles. They are constructed using a flexible braided core with a black tape winding. Unlike most other "black" strings, they can be bowed successfully. Ultra Black strings have a darker tone, like most gut strings, but have the advantage of being a bit more distinct than gut. They offer a less "twangy" alternative to other popular jazz strings. The flexibility of the core (a nylon wound in a "rope" pattern) allows you to really "dig in" without having the string excessively modulate out of tune. Yet the outer wrapping has a hard enough surface to get a nice "growl" or "mwah" from fingerboard interaction. Despite it being marketed as a "Jazz" string for pizz players, the surface of the string reportedly is also equally bow-friendly.

The Ultra Blacks fill the void between the traditional gut string sound and more modern steel strings; they have a solid fundamental and middling sustain. Players thereby find them appropriate for nearly all pizzicato work, whether it be jazz, bluegrass, folk, or traditional music.

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