Innovation Super Silver Strings are often used for Rockabilly and Bluegrass - they're a synthetic alternative to true gut strings. According to players who favor them, the strings lean towards a more organic, gut-like tone than the Rockabilly Strings (also from Innovation). They have a round tone with a blunter attack and quick decay, giving a closer approximation of the gut tone - providing that 'old-school' flavor.

As synthetics, they may not quite be as warm and organic sounding as the real thing - but they're far more affordable and don't have the maintenance requirements of real gut. You'll also likely find that the Super Silver Strings don't have the same "bounce" as gut.

Users have reported that these strings might be the synthetics that get the closest to plain gut in sound for pizz playing, but that they do have higher tension than plain guts. It's still a "low tension" string, but some have reported that the tension is roughly equivalent to the Eurosonic light gauge strings.

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