Innovation Polychromes (Polymer core, Chromesteel winding) have got the goods. This is the first true "hybrid" string developed by Innovation, and it's gaining fast favor with the many players who need a string that is more than a one-trick pony. The designer reportedly used the old "Monel" strings as an inspiration, and word on the street is that these hold their own with other popular (and more expensive) options from other makers.

They bow VERY nicely - with a big and warm, not harsh, arco tone. They took very well to the bow and played easily - no special concentration on technique to ensure a good tone and volume.

The sound is as you might expect; warm, on the the dark side but not muddy or indistinct. Balance was very good on all four strings, even the low E. And tension from string to string feels very consistent.

  • 9014HCP High C available
  • 9014LBP Low B available
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