Innovation Honey is a Solid Core string, unlike the braided core of the other Innovation sets, with a Chrome Tape winding. This maintains the Gut-like vibe of the other Innovation sets but with a string tension and feel more like steel strings; most notably, they can have a slightly stiffer feel under the plucking hand. The Metal wrap makes this string much more responsive under the bow than other Innovation strings, and thus makes a good hybrid string, similar to the Evah Pirazzi's or Obligatos, although a bit darker sounding due to the synthetic core. Word on the street is that they warm up after a break-in period - they can sound a little too synthetic when brand new. But they (like most of us) improve with a little exercise.

A good string for older styles of jazz, they have a nice attack - and can even growl a bit if you push 'em! But they mostly have an "older-school" tone, often compared to that of wound gut strings, but with the less "floppy" feel you get with steel strings.

  • 9014HCH High C available
  • 9014LBH Low B available
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