YES!  Your favorite Fret and Fingerboard Cleaning and Conditioning Cloth is now BACK IN STOCK!

GHS Strings is thrilled to announce the return of the highly acclaimed GORGOMYTE Fret and Fingerboard Cleaning and Conditioning Cloth. Developed by legendary guitarist Jimmy Johnson, GORGOMYTE is the go-to solution for revitalizing your fretboard and fingerboard while bringing out the shine in your frets.

GORGOMYTE is designed for musicians who demand the best for their instruments. Whether you're a professional guitarist or a passionate hobbyist, this innovative cleaning and conditioning cloth is a must-have addition to your guitar maintenance toolkit.

Revitalize Your Fretboard: GORGOMYTE is specially formulated to breathe new life into your fretboard and fingerboard. Say goodbye to grime and buildup that can affect your playing experience.

Easy-to-Follow Instructions: Using GORGOMYTE is a breeze. 

 Restring your guitar and feel the noticeable difference in playability and fret brightness.

"GORGOMYTE has been a game-changer for guitarists worldwide," said [Russ McFee, President of GHS Strings. "We are excited to bring this product back to the market to meet the high demand from musicians who want to keep their instruments in top shape."

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the magic of GORGOMYTE. It's the ultimate solution to keep your guitar looking and playing its best. Get ready to hear the difference and see the shine!

GORGOMYTE is now available online at, in select music stores and online retailers. For more information, click here.

About GHS Strings: GHS Strings has been at the forefront of crafting high-quality strings for nearly 60 years. Renowned for their commitment to innovation and excellence, GHS Strings is the choice of professional musicians worldwide.