Directed by Samuel Aaron Bennett (@samuelbennett).

Shot on a whim at 6:00 a.m. on Adam's roof in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY.

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My keys in my pocket My suitcase is packed On a mission to nowhere and I'm not coming back My hands, they are shaking I'm sure that will stop Rather take off running than stay here and rot I gave it my all and I've got nothing left The weight from this town pulls the air from my chest I promise to write and send souvenirs But I will be gone in the morning Your keys on my nightstand and your suitcase the floor The last thing I'll do is deadbolt the door My hands sure are shaking It may never stop Not if I'm stuck in this town you forgot Your friends will be standing You gas up your car Now they have pinned down the person you are You're saying you're mine You've already gone But you will be here in the morning I may not be the first to say I'm leaving But sure enough I'm bound to hit the road All my avenues are empty You will have to watch me go You should've seen the light go out in your eyes When you finally caught on to the words I'm softly screaming The right ones all along You should've seen the light You should've seen the light Should've seen the light Should've seen the light