Kyle Hudson
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    Roundwound Stainless Steel / Three sets from 008-038 to 010-046

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  • Kyle Hudson

    Electric Guitar
    Hard Rock, Modern Rock, Grunge
    ST-L Super Steels

    From writing and performing original music, to fronting a rock and roll cover band, Kyle Hudson has been surrounded by a high energy, head banging musical lifestyle for quite some time. After cutting his teeth in the industry in 2012, there has been no stop in momentum for this aspiring vocalist and guitarist. The passion to have his music heard and make a difference in current rock culture is what “keeps the dream alive,” he states. Whether he’s on the big stage engaging an enthralled audience in his original rock duo, The AKM Project, or entertaining the local bar crowd in his cover band, Those Guys, Kyle is always on the go and working hard to stay motivated and keep performing. This just goes to show you that hard work and passion can take you a long way. “Rock music is not about money, and it’s not about fame,” Kyle says, “it’s about finding something you love doing and having a hell of a time doing it.” Once it’s all said and done, rock and roll is just rock and roll. He will continue to go with the flow and see where the music industry takes him. For now, it’s time to write some music, book more shows, and rock the f--- out!