Chris Welborn
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    Roundwound Stainless Steel / Eight sets from 030-090 to 027-126

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  • Chris Welborn

    Custom Gauged Bass Super Steels

    Since the late 90's, Chris Welborn has been a touring/recording bassist in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States, most notably with the power metal band Division, progressive rock band Brave, metal band Chopper Trike Rebels and the progressive metal band Service of Shadows. 

    Currently, Chris is performing with the folk metal band Teshaleh who will be releasing their debut EP in the fall/winter of 2018. He is also performing with the Earls of Kent, a classic/southern rock band performing primarily in the DC and Baltimore regions. 

    Chris' main bass is a custom Warwick Corvette $$ 7 string, strung with GHS Super Steels. "The wide tonal range of my 7 string (from low F# to high C) requires a lot and the GHS Super Steels exceed what I need from my strings; balanced sound from top to bottom, punchy and bright, with a warm, robust low end."