Ryan Hudson

Electric Guitar

Born in Texas and raised in Oklahoma, Ryan first picked up a guitar at 13 and was gigging in local bars every weekend by 16. After spending his teen years recording and touring regionally, like many before him… he packed up and headed west to Los Angeles to pursue his music dreams at the still wet behind the ears age of 21. Within 4 months he was overseas performing in front of 50,000 people as the vocalist of Lokomotiv. After returning stateside and cycling through a couple of L.A. bands in his early 20’s, he found a home in Love and a .38.

Shortly after forming in 2009, Love and a .38 recorded a self titled E.P. at famed Infrasonic Studios in Los Angeles (2010). They then followed that release with a string of singles (2013) and a full length LP, Nomads (2016), which were all recorded, mixed, and produced by Ryan himself. With a new EP set to release in early 2018.

Through tireless work, constant engagement, and a no holds barred live show, Love and a .38 has gained a worldwide following despite being entirely independent. Rock and Roll still has a voice and a place in this world, and Love and a .38 is doing their part to remind everyone of that.