Clayton Edwards
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    Roundwound Pure Nickel / Four sets from 40-101 to 44-130

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  • Large

    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Four sets from 018-105

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  • Clayton Edwards

    Country, Jazz, Rock, Contemporary Christian, Blues
    5L-NB Balanced Nickels, 5M-DYB Bass Boomers, M3075-5 Brite Flates

    Clayton Edwards is a West Texas bred electric/upright bassist who currently splits his time between Fort Worth & Nashville. He has studied at West Texas A&M & Weatherford College. Currently, Clayton is playing bass for singer songwriter Zach Nytomt. He has played stages of all sizes from stadiums to small clubs; including CMAFest last year with Nashville recording artist Luke Pell. From country to punk or from jazz to gospel; you can find Clayton playing it all.