Mike Woodard
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    Copper-Tin-Phosphor Alloy / Hex Core / Six sets from 010-046 to 014-058

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  • Mike Woodard

    Acoustic Guitar
    Rock, Americana
    S325 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic

    When mountain troubadour Mike Woodard started his career as a singer/songwriter, he would play for tips in a park behind his open guitar case. "I saw all kinds kinds of people, but this little old lady would come out and watch me all of the time." One day towards the end of the summer, the woman took off her wedding ring and dropped it in the case. "My husband's been gone for several years," she said, "I want you to have it". That was 20 years ago, but he still keeps the ring on his keychain. "It reminds me of the power of music to bond people together and help them feel connected," Woodard said.

    Today Mike Woodard continues to connect with his audience through music and is often compared to a "live jukebox". Having traveled extensively playing to audiences world-wide, Woodard has found his heart and home in the mountains of Colorado. For the last 10 years he has been entertaining Colorado Apres ski crowds playing cover songs of all genres live on request. With many original songs and a huge cover song repertoire of over 500 songs, Woodard combines his strong vocals and smooth guitar playing taking the audience on a Choose Your Own-style musical adventure.