Liu Juran
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  • Liu Juran

    Electric Guitar
    Rock, Pop
    GBL Electric Guitar Boomers

    Liu Juran,was born in China on June 9th, 1987. He is a young guitarist of a rock band named Zuoxiao Zuzhou which is one of the most successful band in China. He also works as a composer and producer.

    Liu started playing the guitar when he was 15. His major in college is music production and recording engineering, so that he can gain a deeper understanding of making better sound. Studying is also a good way to gain knowledge of various sorts of Pedal.

    In 2005, he came to Beijing and once served as guitarist in many different bands of different performing styles. He gained rich live show experience, at the same time, developed his own performing style. He is a huge fun of Pink Floyd ,Dream Theater,U2 and so on.

    From 2009 to 2012, he joined the Four Five band and released the EP No Leader. During his 3 years with his first band, he has performed in many large musical activities, including Midi Music Festival, Strawberry Music Festival and other big shows. He embarked on a solo career that tuned the instrument in live shows as well.

    In 2012, he left his first band and then became a member of Zuoxiao Zuzhou. They produced an album The Divine Comedy for Ai Weiwei with his new band.