Ondra Kozák
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  • Ondra Kozák

    Violin, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
    LJ40M Signature Bronze, R+RL Nickel Rockers

    Ondra Kozák studied classical violin for 10 years in Orlova (CZ). He found guitar in the age of nine, playing bluegrass since he was 15. He was voted Czech Bluegrass Music Association Guitar Player of the Year in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Since 2004 he's been attending bluegrass workshops and musical camps as an instructor (see Sidebar). He organizes regular bluegrass workshops at the Banjo Jamboree festival in Caslav (CZ). He also runs a website with bluegrass guitar tabulatures ( In 2014, Ondra released his debut CDAtaman and launched the ATAmusic online music workshop.

    He's been playing with the band Fragment (since 2006) and G-runs 'n Roses (since 2012, CD 'Gravity' - 2013) on guitar and fiddle and with the band East-West on mandolin since 2011 (CD 'East-West' - 2014). East-West was voted The European Band of The Year 2013 at the La Roche sur Foron Bluegrass Festival. His former band Křeni (2000-2010) was awarded the same prize in 2009. He recorded 4 CDs with Křeni and 3 CDs with the Petr Brandejs Band (2004-2010). In 2008 he released an instructional DVD for bluegrass guitar beginners in cooperation with Ralph Schut which will soon be followed with a DVD for advanced players. Besides that, a DVD with guitar and fiddle solos in Czech bluegrass standards comes out in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

    Ondra also plays electric guitar, he shortly studied jazz guitar at The Music Conservatory in Ostrava and played with the jazz-fusion band Jazzyk (2009-2010). Besides playing guitar, he occasionally plays fiddle and mandolin with the band Blackjack (fd), Sue Thompson & The Brandejs Band (md, fd) and others.