Jared Blake
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  • Jared Blake

    Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
    BCL Big Core Nickel Rockers, Custom Gauge Nickel Rockers, S325 / S335 Phosphor Bronze, Custom Gauge Bass Boomers

    Passionate and Powerful­ two words that describe Jared Blake and his music. He brings his deep vocals and emotional delivery to every performance, and he has the same passion for his fans that he has for his music.

    He is known to the world as a father of six kids, and he sees it as a natural extension to take care of his fans as well. He doesn't separate his life from his music; it is a blend of family, fans, and friends, whom he has nicknamed “frands.”

    Jared Blake was raised on watermelons and rock ‘n roll. Growing up in the small town of Star
    City, Arkansas, he always had dreams of performing on the big stage. That didn’t stop him from taking his time growing up and learning everything he could about the music business, including songwriting and playing multiple instruments. He realizes that the music industry is forever changing, and he likes to change and grow with it.

    Jared would be the first one to tell you, “The second I think I know what’s going on, it all turns upside down again.” He also says that’s what keeps him writing, dreaming, working, and just being himself. That same willingness to keep going, even into the unknown, is what landed him on national television.

    In 2011, Jared found himself on a new adventure, appearing on what turned out to be a #1 rated show on NBC, The Voice. With Blake Shelton to guide him, he did what any regular ol’ country boy would do­he rocked it. He was just as happy on stage alone with his acoustic guitar, with14­ million viewers watching him sing “Not Ready To Make Nice” by the Dixie Chicks, as he was performing the rock tune “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon, in a guitar­throwing, full­out passionate display.

    His time on The Voice garnered him lots of attention and many new fans. He began a national acoustic tour when the last week of the show was airing, promoting a single his fans picked called
    “Don’t Mind.” That tune won grassroots radio airplay in several areas, and gave Jared the ability to start touring with his whole band.

    All of his performances have appeared in the charts worldwide more than 56 times and reaching as high as #16. Jared was featured in magazines such as People and Rolling Stone, on television morning shows, and on radio stations syndicated across the nation.

    In June of 2012, Jared was offered a recording deal with Skiddco Music, with Grammy award- winning producer, Skidd Mills. In July of 2013, Jared signed a new publishing contract with Lucky Diamond Music. His songwriting catalog is currently at Sony Music Publishing and at Lucky Diamond Music. Also in 2013, country music artist Curtis Grimes cut “Home to Me,” a song co­written by Blake, Grimes, and Willmon, which hit #1 on the Texas Music Charts.

    Jared Blake spent years being told he has “the voice,” and he has lent his unique sound to voice over work in the demo world for artists and to the weekly syndicated broadcast of CT40 with Bob

    There’s no doubt Jared has one of the most powerful voices to hit the country scene, and once heard, it’s never forgotten. His distinct sound is what helps make his name stick and keeps his fans coming back for more.

    “The joke with my road crew is that I’m like a 5­year­old,” says Blake, “and I think that’s why we all keep going and laughing the whole way. There’s no one playing the ‘poor me’ card for all the hard work we do. We know everyone out there is working hard, and some guys are even fighting and dying so we can keep doing what we do, so for that alone, there’s no complaining. I couldn’t do any other job on the planet, so I owe my life to the music fans of the world!”

    Jared’s debut album “Til Morning Light” was released along with the music video for his single in October 2014.  The video was picked up by VEVO and the single ran on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.