Zakk DeBono
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  • Zakk DeBono

    Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    Custom Gauge Boomers (12-16-24-32w-44-56), VN-M Vintage Bronze Acoustic

    Zakk DeBono is an unsigned Rock/Blues guitarist and singer songwriter from Denver Colorado that is changing the scene and the way we think of Blues and modern music as we know it. Some call him the “Wizard” on the guitar and some call him a “Marvel” which are both definitely true and accurate especially with playing the Blues. Zakk is a very passionate and powerful Rock/Blues guitarist that can only found in the heart of Denver. He has been called the “Modern Day Hendrix” quoted by Denver Colorado’s 303 Magazine. 303 Magazine is the largest fashion and music magazine in Denver working with only the best names in the Industry and has recommended that anyone in Colorado attend to see him play because of how well he puts on shows and his amazing presence he brings to the stage time after time. The company actually fully sponsored and endorsed Zakk after being blown away from watching his Tribute to Jimi Hendrix show in early May of 2015. 303 Magazine has also done previous work with The Lumineers, Phish, The Fray, and Lady Gaga and other big musicians and bands. Zakk is also an endorsed Artist with Peavey Amplification and InTune Guitar Picks.

    DeBono is definitely sweeping the Blues scene and growing popularity as one of the best Blues bands and one of the top guitarist to see in all of Colorado. He has definitely earned his way to the top of Denver’s music scene by staying humble and playing honest Rockin’ Blues like this generation has never heard before. Zakk has had a guitar in his hand since he was 5 and also was taught bass guitar and piano on his own. Given his first acoustic guitar from his uncle Jon Pompia, he never seemed to set it down and was obsessed with learning new songs day after day especially, John Lennon. Playing full bars, coffee shops and restaurants by the age of 6 singing The Beatles, The Doors, Cream, Pink Floyd, and Hendrix was an everyday thing for him to express himself. Zakk’s parents knew at a young age he was gifted with music and playing guitar and knew exactly what he was made for. Even now, this 26 years old’s style and passion for music is a break through and a blast from the past which you don’t see every day in this society and industry. Zakk’s very intense sound and gigantic playing style has recognized by some of the most talented players in the music industry. Zakk has had the blessing and opportunity in his life to meet and take some personal advice from Jazz Master Robby Krieger from The Doors, Blues Legend Jimmy D. Lane, Carlos Carvazo from Quiet Riot, Thin Lizzy, Warrant, The LA Guns, Great White, The Hollywood All Stars, Peter Noone of the Herman’s Hermits, The Byrds, Eric Burden and The Animals, Rob Grill from The Grass Roots, Vinny Appice from Black Sabbath, Jimmy Bain from Rainbow, and George Tomsco of the Fireballs.

    Zakk has definitely started the 2016 New Year off right by getting invited by 303 Magazine and The Denver Blues Society to open for Blues Legend Jimmy D. Lane (Son of World Famous Jimmy Rodgers who was the with the Muddy Waters Band) at City Hall in Downtown Denver Colorado for the two day Valentine’s Day Blues event the city and people could never forget. The shows left Denver and the Blues Society literally speechless as they watched Zakk and Jimmy thrown down a night of unforgettable Blues and amazing memories. Colorado didn’t really understand what kind of talent was under there thumb until they saw Zakk perform these events. Jimmy D. Lane actually quoted Zakk “A Fantastic Guitar Player” and was impressed with his playing and style both nights. This was a really big compliment to Zakk and his music, especially coming from a guitarist and one of his hero’s like Jimmy who is a world renowned Blues legend. Zakk said after the show that “it was the best feeling in the world opening up for your hero, it’s a little scary, but at the same time the best feeling in the world”. This year and tour will be a very big and important year for Zakk and his band because of some of the bigger events that he has had the opportunity to have been asked to play. Some events include the Headliner for the June 10th Greeley Blues Jam Friday Festival at Patrick’s Irish Pub that is in the middle of 3,000 plus people, 18 Venues at the heart of Downtown Greeley Colorado. Zakk is also listed to be a Headliner at the return of one of Colorado’s favorite festivals that has up to 6,000 people called the Trinidaddio Blues Festival that takes place August 27 located in Trinidad Colorado. Zakk is also headlining other big events and festivals that will be posted on his website under 2016 Show Dates

    When it comes original, honest, and unforgettable Rock and Blues music never underestimate Zakk and the sounds and vibrations that he can make come from his guitar and the way he can make you feel. Zakk has dedicated all of his life to learning the guitar and has put all of his time and efforts in to make people happy with his music and playing and preforming live his whole life. Zakk is also big into helping local charities and fundraising events for people who are not fortunate enough to have a fine instrument or play guitar. He has spent the last few years donating his time to the nursing homes and hospice houses and homeless shelters on the weekends to share music with everyone and play for all the people that he has said “deserves it”. He also stated previously that “everyone is entitled to amazing music so why not make it and share it, isn’t that what its all about?” Zakk has definitely made a strong and positive impact to the music scene here in Colorado and the local musicians that are following him. If you ever get a chance to see the Wizard live, don’t miss the show. It would probably be one of the most intense shows you will see in your lifetime. Zakk is the future of the Blues!!!