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  • WestWend

    Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin
    PRL Progressives, GBL Guitar Boomers, LJ40M Signature Bronze Acoustic, A270 Phosphor Bronze Mandolin

    Every now and then someone walks into your life who you feel compelled will make a difference in it. A musical relationship is no exception. Since 2011, WestWend has been captivating the hearts of country fans. Husband- and-wife duo, Jonathan Maness and Wendy Crowe make bluegrass and country music collide creating their own unique take on country music and bringing it back to it’s roots.

    The combination of this duo is unlike any other in country music today. Their chemistry together ignites their whole performance from live musical shows, to the recording studio. Wendy is a sweet, soulful singer with a honeyed alto voice and a smile that lights up the stage, as well as a naturally prolific lyricist. Jonathan’s rich baritone and agile flatpicking are well known to audiences on both sides of the Atlantic, he’s also an expert arranger and producer. The combination of both Wendy and Jonathan’s talents brings instrumental chops to a quickly growing catalog of original material. Their Close duet harmony brings the songs home to the listener, while instrumental support of a strong calibre of musicians round out an exciting show package.

    WestWend has embarked on a journey, and like any journey it’s never easy, but it’s always fun. With the upcoming release of their debut record in mid-2014 WestWend is already drawing buzz curiosity around about the project. It’s going to be one that both country and bluegrass fans alike love, and where Bill Monroe and Country meet.