Guy Erez (Alan Parsons Project)
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    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Four sets from 030-090 to 050-115

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    Flat Wrap Stainless Steel / High Volume / Four sets from 009-042 to 013-054...Read more
  • Guy Erez (Alan Parsons Project)

    Rock / Jazz / Progessive
    M3045 Bass Boomers, M3050 Precision Flats

    Guy Erez is an LA based virtuoso bass player, songwriter and composer. He is best known as the bass player in the Alan Parson Live Project. He has brought his signature sound to albums and live shows with top artists including Ziggy Marley, Alan Parsons, Gypsy Kings and many more. As a composer and producer, his songs have appeared in hit movies and TV shows including the soundtrack to the Oscar winning film Crash, Grey's Anatomy and Beverly Hills 90210.  He also wrote and produced a string of songs for Marvel/Disney bringing iconic characters to life including Iron Man, X-Men and the theme to the Avengers TV show.  In more recent work, his music airs weekly as a composer on the ABC show Sea Rescue.