Maestro Soler
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    Classical Guitar
    The New Kind Of Guitar Feeling
    2350 La Classique, 2390 La Classique Smoothwound, 2500 Vanguard Classics, GBL Electric Guitar Boomers

    He's an internationally recognized artist. He has received numerous prizes and awards, including the title of the Honorary Citizen of Dallas, (1988); Medal of St. Vladimir from the Russian Orthodox Church, (1988); Plaque of the Catalan Catholic Church Council, (1995); Membership in the Royal Order of Christopher Columbus, TX, (1999); the Golden Key and Honorary Citizen of the city of Corpus Christi, TX, (2000); Medal and Diploma of the US Military Academy of West Point, (2001); Honorary Membership in the “Viva la Musica Club”, WA, (2003); Honorary Membership in the Spain Association of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, (2007); Diploma of the Spanish Cultural Association, Boston, (2010); Diploma of the Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston (1994 and 2011); Certificate of “Recognition & Appreciation” for his labor in Norwich University, (US Military College), VT, as an extraordinary Cultural Ambassador, in 2009, 2011 and 2013; Diploma of the Institute of Fundamental Theology (from “The Society of Jesus”), Spain, (2015); He has been Cultural Ambassador of KWC, KY, (2012), and was distinguished with the “Tribute to Francesc de Paula Soler” of the US House of Representatives, (2001, 2002, 2004, 2008 & 2016), in recognition for his artistic merits.

    Maestro Soler has been distinguished recently with the Diploma of the Columbus Sailing Association (TX); he has also received the Certificate of Cultural Ambassador of LACIA (IN).

    He has recorded the CD Guitar Collection of Francesc de Paula Soler for Mel Bay Publications (US); the CD & DVD “The guitar with feeling”, and published by “Casa Beethoven Publicacions”, “Catalana de Ediciones Musicales”, “Tenora, Ediciones Musicales” and “Editorial Boileau” (Spain).

    The Washington Post provided the following review: “Soler showed himself to be unusually sensitive to color and the rhapsodic rise and fall of the phrases” adding: “he played dazzling solos with his left hand on the fingerboard, unleashed a battery of right-hand percussive effects on the body of the guitar, and engaged in some creative pitch-bending on blues-tinged melodies”.

    Called the new “Poet of the Guitar”, Maestro Soler's wide international activity as a performer has caused critics to hail him as one of the most notable artists of the guitar world.