Jennifer Jo Oberle
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    Nickel-Plated Steel / Round Core / Seven sets from 040-095 to 030-126

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  • Jennifer Jo Oberle

    Rock, Pop
    RC-ML3045 Round Core Bass Boomers

    Jennifer Jo Oberle is a professional bassist, vocalist and songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA.

    Jenn started out in Brooklyn, NY playing drums for local punk/glam bands at the age of 15. A classically trained pianist, she received an Associates Degree in Music from Kingsborough Community College specializing in piano & voice.

    It was once Jennifer picked up the bass that she knew what musical path to take. Her powerful voice, range, musical instincts recall have kept her in demand ever since.

    Jenn received a Bachelors Degree with honors in Bass Performance from Berklee College of Music, where she studied with some of the world's finest instructors, strengthening her bass skills while developing an interest in arranging, afro-cuban, world music and various jazz styles.

    Currently living in Los Angeles, Jenn has continued to become even more versatile. Working with dozens of artists in a wide variety of styles (from punk to persian) she has also served as a musical director, keyboardist, guitarist and percussionist. Jenn has composed several songs for films and has performed on various TV programs, most recently the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She has also been the touring bassist for Five for Fighting and Vertical Horizon since 2011.

    Jennifer's most recent songwriting project is called Records and Tapes with producer Fernando Perdomo.