David DePonte
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    Alloy 52™ / More Magnetically Active / Four sets from 011-048 to 013-056

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    Fluorocarbon / Six sets from Hawaiian to Baritone

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  • David DePonte

    Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele
    Rock, Folk
    WB-TL White Bronze, H-20 Fluorocarbon Ukulele, H-10 Nylon Ukulele

    When you think of the ukulele, you probably think of white sandy beaches, coconut trees, perfect sunsets, Mai Tais, and Iron Maiden. Well, if you were on Dave DePonte’s corner of the beach you would see and hear all of these and more.Dave uses the ukulele to bring passion and volume as well as humor and reality to his songs. One moment he’ll be playing Over The Rainbow and the next you’ll hear Maiden’s The Trooper. His brilliant blend of song and humor make his shows rewarding and entertaining for audiences of all ages. DePonte’s family hails from Maui’s infamous up-country. As a first generation mainlander he has a unique perspective on the island way of life. All of his songs are written on a level of real life. This style brings an unpredictable element to his shows. The thing you know when you see Dave DePonte is that you just don’t know which direction the show will go.This musical direction gives Dave the unique ability to play many different types of places such as coffee shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants as well as an occasional private party.