Top Shelf Shake
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    Rollerwound Pure Nickel / Slightly Flattened By Metal Rollers / Ten sets from 008-038 to 013-056

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  • Top Shelf Shake

    Electric Guitar, Bass
    Reggae, Rock, Ska, Punk
    Nickel Rockers

    Top Shelf Shake is a 3-piece reggae rock band from Chino, California with an explosive sound that combines Reggae, Rock, Ska and Punk into a distinctly different style that they call their own. With thought-provoking lyrics and catchy melodies, their songs are a fresh yet familiar take on the quintessential "California sound." Since their inception in the Spring of 2014, they've set out to create music that encourages independent, positive thinking and a healthy ability to question authority, or as they put it : "The Power of Love against the powers that be."