GHS Electric Super Steels™

If your tone is in compromise and you're feeling buried in the mix, the "String of Steel" can save the day!

The GHS Super Steel™ series is manufactured using a stainless steel wrap around the already standard stainless steel hex core. The combination delivers an incrediably bright tone and extra high volume. Mix this with some extra long sustain and you're guarenteed to be heard.

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Super Steels™

Roundwound Stainless Steel

MODEL# 1st-E 2nd-B 3rd-G 4th-D 5th-A 6th-E  
ST-UL .008 .011 .014 STB65 ST30 ST38 Buy Now
ST-XL .009 .011 .016 ST24 ST32 ST42 Buy Now
ST-L .010 .013 .017 ST26 ST36 ST46 Buy Now