GHS Acoustic Signature Phosphor Bronze

High performance strings for the most demanding players!

From his work in Wings to his studio wizardry, Laurence Juber has earned the respect of musicians worldwide. His Signature strings feature a cryogenically treated copper, tin, and phosphor alloy wound over a hex, bronze-plated core. The result is long-lasting, rich, bright tone.

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Signature Phosphor Bronze

Cryogenically Treated Copper-Tin-Phosphor Alloy

MODEL# 1st-E 2nd-B 3rd-G 4th-D 5th-A 6th-E  
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LJ30L LJ12 LJ16 LJ24 LJ32 LJ42 LJ54 Buy Now
LJ40TM LJ13 LJ17 LJ24 LJ32 LJ42 LJ56 Buy Now
LJ40M LJ13 LJ17 LJ26 LJ36 LJ46 LJ56 Buy Now