Kyle Johnson
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    Filament Grade Alloy / More Magnetically Active Material / Five sets from 009-042 to 010-052

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    Coated 80/20 Copper Zinc / Three sets from 011-050 to 013-056

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  • Kyle Johnson

    Electric & Acoustic Guitars
    Pop, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Rock
    PRXL Progressives, IB20X Infinity Bronze

    Kyle David Johnson (born February 28, 1992) also known recently as Kyleyman, is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. Born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska, by his single mother, Kyle began teaching himself guitar at 12 years old with his older brother. 4 months after graduating high school, Kyle enlisted into the United States Marine Corps as a guitarist, but was medically discharged and moved back to Alaska in late 2011. Kyle began taking songwriting and local performances more seriously as well as training his voice in his hometown. After 5 years of training, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a solo artist and produce his very first album that has yet to be released.