Ignacio Torres
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    Roundwound Stainless Steel / Three sets from 008-038 to 010-046

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  • Ignacio Torres

    Electric Guitar
    Rock, Metal
    ST-L Super Steels

    Born in Santiago in 1980, Chile’s capital and largest city, Ignacio is a Self-taught artist. He decided to learn to play the guitar at the end of 1996; one year later already he was playing his first gigs with a KISS tribute band. Since then, Ignacio has been a part of many bands and projects, performing live with profesional musicians (who he learned a lot from). With more than 400 gigs in his 18 year career, he's had the chance to be the opening act for Stratovarious, Edguy, The Mission UK, Mr.Big, Richie Kotzen and Kiss, and shared the stage with Paul Gilbert in a Jam at one of Paul's guitar clinics and a full show with the ex-Kiss guitar player Bruce Kulick.

    Since 2010, Ignacio's main bands are FHT (Fahrenheit) and his solo project. In 2011, he was one of the 12 finalists of the worldwide guitar idol contest, selected by judges and sponsors (more than 1700 guitar players from all over the world). In 2015 Steve Vai himself commented and shared on his own facebook fanpage one of Ignacio's videos, playing a Steve Vai's cover (Whispering A Prayer).

    Ignacio is one of the most popular guitar players of his country on youtube, with almost 7k subscribers and 2.5M views; his most watched video has over 350k views.