Nitro-Packs Tested

Nitro-Pack® single envelopes from GHS Strings are taking the guitar world by storm.

Offering the most advanced packaging available today, Nitro-Packs provide superior protection for each individual string as well as easy-view sides that allow you to actually see the fresh, coiled string safely in its package.

Recent testing by St. Louis Testing Laboratories substantiates that GHS Strings single envelope Nitro-Packs® achieve the most advanced anti-corrosion packaging on the market today.  The St. Louis findings showed that the “submitted Nitro envelopes provide superior corrosion/tarnish protection at elevated humidity/temperatures and in an aggressively corrosive environment. No evidence of tarnish/corrosion was observed on any of the string samples packaged in the Nitro envelopes throughout the testing period.”

During the testing a sample of strings, including .016 plain steel, BB20 bright bronze wound, and T4S silvered copper wound, were subjected to a myriad of temperature and humidity tests, as well as being sprayed with a salt solution.  These tests were performed with bare strings, as well as the strings in various envelopes and the Nitro-Pack® singles envelopes.

Test results, as well as satisfied players, confirm that the Nitro-Pack® single envelopes from GHS Strings are the most advanced anti-corrosion string packaging you will find. You can trust the GHS Anti-Corrosion Guarantee.

Click here to download the test results from St. Louis Testing Laboratories.