Nitro-Packs and the Ultimate Guarantee

Only GHS takes packaging strings to new levels by combining the ultimate in air tight protection with an easy and convenient identification process for individual strings.

Time for a string replacement?  Disrupting your playing time can be a hassle, particularly during a gig.  GHS has you covered with our new Nitro-Packs.  Each string is individually sealed in a nitrogen environment, eliminating all oxygen, in a tear-resistant package.  The specific gauge for each string  is printed on the silver front, and the transparent back allows you to actually see the individual string, resulting in a set of strings that are easily identified.  This reduces time spent handling the strings while eliminating the frustration of having to open packages and sort through all the strings to locate the one needed, thus taking time away from inspiring your audience.  You are back in action quickly and efficiently. 

GHS provides air tight packaging and an “Anti-Corrosion Guarantee” with our Nitro-Packs.  With our Nitro-Packs we’ve eliminated the oxygen and sealed in nitrogen to insure the utmost line of defense against corrosion and oxidation for each individual string.  GHS has implemented the Nitro-Pack into every guitar sized (4" square string envelope) package in the spring of 2016. GHS product is backed by this Anti-Corrosion Guarantee: If you ever open a pack of strings and find one oxidized or corroded, GHS will replace them free of charge*.

You deserve strings that are as fresh and brand new as the day they were sealed, whether you open them immediately, or after keeping them in a gig bag for months.  GHS delivers with both outstanding protection and a guarantee!

*Within two years from printed date of manufacture on the Nitro-Pack label